Casa Grande, the downstairs residence, boasts a 500 sq. ft deck, one off-street parking space, a large private back yard,  plus living space including newly renovated bathrooms (2), kitchen-living room combination, two bedrooms and an office/meditation room.  With a maximum capacity of 4 people, Casa Grande accommodates couples looking for a winter refuge or those looking for a calm place within walking distance of the beach.  Summer Time residents will find beach activity flourishing as surfers, beach goers, skate boarders, cyclists, dog walkers, yogis, and neighbors all vie for the few parking spaces within walking distance.  While there may be some fun street activity and restaurants within walking distance, residents can enjoy the calm of this peaceful oasis in North Pacific Beach.

Casitas del Mar is located in North Pacific Beach among primarily local residences where owners cherish and value their neighborhood.  In keeping with the good-neighbor policy, the owner elects to keep the property” low density” and rents only to responsible adults.

El Cielo, upstairs, is the owner’s home when she is not traveling.  On occasion, visiting professors or academics stay at this property.

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